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Our Rent To Own Minimum Requirements

Why look for a rental property when you can put together a plan to purchase in as little as 2 years?

  • Down Payment - 3% of the purchase or $10,000

  • Maximum Home Price - up to 4.0x (single or combined) annual income

  • Annual Income - Typically $90,000 or more (single or combined.) The annual income amount needed to be approved depends on your down payment amount and the price of home you are looking at! Please see FAQs below.


Please check out the CMHC calculator below to check your eligibility before submitting a form:

Minimum CMHC lending requirements

Modern Kitchen


How much annual household income do I need?
The answer depends on the purchase price of the home you are looking at and the amount you can put down. Multiply your annual income by 4 to figure out your maximum purchase price. Please search to get an idea of the cost of the home you would like to purchase. If you are interested in a condo, your annual income doesn't need to be as high as it would be if you wanted to purchase a detached home. If you are making a larger down payment and you have a good credit score, your annual income can be lower as well.

How Does It Work?
The program starts by filling out the online application. This allows us to assess your situation and helps us to craft a program that suits your specific needs. We will schedule a phone call with you to ensure that your needs are being met and to answer any questions that you have. After we decide to move forward, we will send you a more in depth application and introduce you to our mortgage broker/credit specialist who create a report for you with next steps outlined.

Then it's time to go house hunting for a home that fits your needs!

Upon closing, you can move in and as you make your monthly house payments, you earn hundreds of dollars towards your down payment and purchase of this home. In fact, many of our Rent to Own Buyers use the time during the Rent to Own Program to earn thousands of dollars in credits and improve credit issues (or resolve any uncertainties). You can purchase this lovely home at any point during the Rent to Own Program. There is no obligation for you to buy the home, only an option.

• Rent Credits: Each month a big chunk of your rent could get credited toward the possible purchase of your home, allowing you to build equity in your home faster than with a traditional mortgage – no more wasting all of your money on rent.
• Improving Your Property: Because you may own this property soon, any improvements you do that increase the value of the property may help you build more equity for yourself.
• No banks – you don’t have to qualify with a lender today. You can move in without bank approval.
• Own Your Own Home: You enjoy the benefits of owning your home before you ever buy it!
• Flexibility: You have total flexibility: You have the option to buy your home, not the obligation!

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