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Your Freedom Starts Here

  • Market guidance to take the guess work out of real estate investing

  • Realtors to help you find your perfect property

  • Tenant placement to help you find and screen the perfect tenant

  • Property Management to help you create the freedom to do what you want

  • Project management and contractors to take the stress out of renovating

  • Bookkeeping and accountants to keep you organized and efficient every tax season

  • Staging to help you rent and sell your property

The concept is simple. However the execution is never easy. A good team is paramount to your success. It isn't what you know. It's the team you have around you that makes all the difference when the going gets tough. Let's face it. We don't buy real estate to spend our time fixing toilets and dealing with tenants. We buy real estate to create the freedom we want to live our lives the way we want to. Why replace one job for another?

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Invest Wisely

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Invest Wisely

Niagara Region Labour Force Trends

Consultation On Trends In The Niagara Real Estate Market

real estate plans

Strategy Implementation That Fits Your Lifestyle

real estate renovation

Project Management For Long Distance Investors

You have hunger and ambition to grow your portfolio of investment properties but you are priced out of your home market and need some ideas.

You've heard of this place called the Niagara Region, but you lack the team or knowledge to identify a good deal and if it would be a fit within your portfolio.

  • Are you hesitant about dealing with tenants, toilets and turmoil?

  • Are you a little overwhelmed and hesitant to jump in before you get more information?

  • Not sure how to source good deals within the Niagara Region?

  • Do you lack the knowledge to identify good neighbourhoods and the rents/vacancy rates in specific areas within the Niagara region?

  • Do you lack knowledge about the Niagara Region in general and what makes this a great place to invest?

  • You may have a team close to home, but you are having trouble finding reliable connections to professionals within the Niagara Region. (Real estate agents, property management, home inspectors, contractors, etc.)

  • Do you lack knowledge about what strategies will be successful in which areas due to microeconomics and local municipal bylaws?

  • No local contacts to manage renovations and provide quality service.

  • Are you looking for direction and coaching to achieve your goals?

  • Do you lack the time to manage a property that is too far away?

  • Are you short funds to complete renovations?

  • Are you having trouble finding tenants and setting up showings?

  • Are you looking for a staging company to sell or rent a renovated apartment or flip?

We know how tough it can be to gain the confidence to invest in a market you are not familiar with and manage renovation projects from afar. Beam Property Partners INC is based in Niagara, and owns and manages a portfolio of properties within the Niagara Region. Let's Grow Together!

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