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We Started With A Vision

We knew that we wanted to achieve financial and physical freedom in our lives, and we knew that we wanted to help people in the process.

We also knew that we needed to have our business align with our vision and our goals in life. We identified some core values that we designated as non-negotiable. Theses values are honesty, growth, integrity, and courage.

We knew that partnerships and trust were the only way to move forward. So we coined the motto: “Let’s Grow Together” to embody the purpose of our mission.

Real estate is a vehicle to freedom.

More than that, a business in real estate is about helping the people who live in our homes to enjoy their time in our properties and providing safe, clean, cost-effective housing for those that need it.

After that, it is about helping our partners to achieve their financial and business goals through investing in smart real estate transactions. Real estate investing is a path to living a life on your own terms. We want to travel, focus on health and family, and have time to experience the small things in life. These are the things that are important to us.

What matters to you?

Investment Services

Real Estate remains one of the most reliable sources of long term wealth there is.


If you're looking to invest in real estate in the Niagara Region but aren't sure of the best place to start or don't have time to deal with the hassle of managing your properties, look no farther! Beam Property Partners provides area expertise and works with a range of professionals to find you the perfect property for your needs and ensures that your properties are cared for to the highest standards.

 We focus on providing long term capital growth and short term cash flow for our investors through investment in residential real estate in the Niagara Region and across Canada. We are focused on single family, multi - residential rental units and development opportunities.


Interested in working with us or have questions? Get in touch below!

Bookkeeping and Financial Services

We co-own and manage a real estate and small business bookkeeping firm.

Beam and Belansky Business Services provides business services locally in and around the Niagara region and virtually across Canada. We customize each client experience to fit personal and business goals. If you are a small business owner needing more time to juggle your administrative tasks with regular work, we have a fantastic team to support you.

Are you just starting? We are here to guide you through structuring and registering your business. Once we get you on your feet, we can alleviate the stress associated with WSIB, HST, payroll, account set-ups, bookkeeping, tax preparation, and so much more.

We also love to explore the world! Check out our adventures at

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