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Keep Moving Forward

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Running towards the goal
Running towards the goal.

I recently started going for runs again. I have a specific circuit I like to run near my house: down a fire lane, past the park, and to the beach. It ends up being about 5 km. I have been focusing on my businesses so much that it is easy to let go of things that are important for well-being: sleep, quality food, and exercise are the first casualties of a busy schedule.

The first run wasn’t easy. It took mental and physical stamina to reach the end of the run. I wanted to give up multiple times, and I had to coach myself to focus on just taking the next step forward. It reminded me of when Terry Fox was asked how he ran a marathon a day. His answer was perfect: “I ran to the telephone pole, and when I arrived, I ran to the next one."

It’s hard not to feel a bit worried with everything going on in the economy and the world right now. The 2020s have been pretty rough for many people so far, with economic uncertainty in the air, war, and rising costs. The Terry Fox quote above is perfect for how I got through my run and how I move the needle on my business goals.

While I have a large goal in mind, it is hard to see the path forward to an abstract idea that could be years away from fruition. Shorter-term goals are much easier to accomplish. If you can see your next step forward, just take that. When you arrive, take one more. That is how success is generated.

If you keep up this routine, it doesn’t take long to see success. It can be easy to feel frustrated when you look at where you are versus where you want to be. However, if you look at where you are in comparison to where you were last year, the change becomes obvious and is motivation to keep moving forward to the next telephone pole and to continue building your future.

Some projects may take multiple years and may progress slower than you anticipate. That’s okay. Enjoy the process. Learn from it. Celebrate the successes. You are one step closer to achieving everything you dreamed of. Become a student of personal development, and your business goals will follow.

Have questions about your portfolio or want an outside opinion? Please select the button provided below, and I will schedule a free half-hour call with you to go over your situation! Talking to the right people can really save you money. I really believe that this is the time to expand your network and learn from those around you. I'll be in touch!

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this! Have a great week while working past those obstacles on your climb to success. Let's Grow Together!

Jonathan Beam

Real Estate Investor and Entrepreneur

Jonathan Beam is a real estate investor in the Niagara region who is passionate about helping you achieve financial freedom through real estate. He works with new and experienced investors to formulate a plan that fits your specific situation and provides market guidance and consultation on the best places and strategies to pursue within the Niagara Region. Book a free, half hour no obligation consultation to see how he can help you to achieve your goals. His travels are available at

For a free market analysis on 2 markets within the Niagara region that we are currently investing in, please visit the home page and fill in the contact form at the bottom for your free report!

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